Adam Bruce Wentworth is a visual artist, living and working on Cape Cod in Massachusetts.  A self taught artist, he discovered a love for drawing early in life as a means of expression.  This passion encouraged him to expand his creativity, delving into the areas of painting, silkscreen printing, photography, and sculpture.

Working primarily with portraiture, his approach is to turn pop culture on its head.  In response to a world that is prone to celebrity worship, Adam chooses to present the counter cultural icons- thinkers, revolutionaries, cult leaders, thrill killers, and similar figures of notoriety.  Rather than focusing on the rich and famous, he chooses to observe the contributions of the infamous, using elements of his work to tell their stories.

Adam’s paintings have been exhibited in solo, group and juried exhibitions, most notably at Provincetown art association and museum and Helltown Workshop in Provincetown, Massachusetts; Kronos gallery in Staunton, Virginia; and Sweetree Ink in Watertown, Massachusetts.  Additionally, he has successfully curated his own exhibitions.  Adam’s work is included in public and private collections nationally and internationally, and his art has been commissioned for murals, album sleeves, t-shirts, and book covers.

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